Tuesday, February 24, 2009

*Rosie O'Donnell! - and - Etsy is the bees knees!

Ok... So people might not believe me when i say this ... But I just sold 2 paintings to Rosie O'Donnell! :) yes, Rosie O'Donnell, star of TV & film! She chose a favorite painting of mine (one of my 'sheltered' series & also a little painting i did of a dandelion fluff)

Check out Rosie's own Etsy shop! She is donating 100% of her proceeds to Rosie's Broadway Kids! How cool is that?

Etsy has been amazing. I have now proudly sold 27 paintings. :)!! Every time I have sent a shipment out, whether to Portugal, New York, California, or Texas, etc etc... It's been an awesome thrill! Each time I have been in awe that someone would ever want something I've made! I have a hard time believing it still. I am surprised & excited & baffled, every time.

I get emotionally attached to every single painting I do and the thought of ANYone liking something that came outta my brain onto the paper enough to purchase it... Wow. I can hardly explain the feeling. It's not just an honor, its also like some kind of virtual hug or validation. Cuz, ya know, ever since i can remember I've wanted to be a Mom & a real artist when i grow up *sigh* so i guess I'm having a moment here.

Etsy has been such a positive and wonderful thing for my artistic heart. Like therapy for the artist soul! Wow, this is a great adventure. I feel blessed, and amazed.

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