Thursday, April 30, 2009

... called this morning ...

Talked to my Dad on the phone this morning. We discussed the painting he wanted to buy, and even joked around like he was a real customer & i was a professional artist & a stranger. (but he was serious about buying the painting) Then at the end of the call i asked what his shipping address was & he broke the gag and said... "ask my daughter... she knows where i live" and i said "who is your daughter?" He said my name... then i said "Never heard of her" ... we laughed.

I woke up thinking about packaging up that painting & running to the post office this morning on my way to work. Then the tears came.... it was just a dream. A very real dream.

Dad, i so know you would buy a painting of mine, and hang it with fatherly pride. I SO know your address.... say hi to Jesus for me.