Monday, May 10, 2010

i think i shall...

after graduation is over i think i am going to start a self challenge. I am not sure what to call it yet...  some kind of  'ART-A-DAY/365 days of Art' Blogged by Me

Each day, even if its small... i would create or capture some sort of art. Paint it, draw it, snap a photo, write a ditty, doodle a doodle... whatever it may be. Now that i can blog right from my blackberry, i do beleive there would be very few excuses for accomplishing this if i put my mind to it! And it would be good for me. Yes?

As a Mom with lots of emotions, and college looming on the near horizon for my one and only child... i hear from many a friend how i need to start livin' a little more for me. Well i don't wanna! And truly, to be honest,  i don't know how!!!! I aint ready! Delay it a few more years... ask me again, and i still won't be ready.

Soooooo, Maybe a little assignment like this will be good... no?