Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 238

My hubby's Aunt Ruth made these eggs for the family Easter party every year, and the kids (and truth be told... the adults) would all sneak them before dinner. Some had even been known to stash them before they were even served in fear that they would be gone before they got one. Every year there were more than a few sad faces who did'nt get one cuz the guests always outnumbered the eggs.
SOOO now that Aunt Ruth is getting along in years, I believe she is 87 now, i was hoping to SOMEday be entrusted with this tradition.Well this year was my first attempt. It was SO fun to make them. I was actually kinda sad when the last one was decorated. I made a double batch, and the family numbers at the holiday party are down... so i think everyone is guaranteed more than 1 egg this year... maybe even more than one :) no hoarding or stashing necessary.  As far as we knew, the recipe was a secret. Not that it was a 'secret secret" , it was more like no one ever got the recipe from her. Ruth was a master at them! She always had them decorated sooo pretty and they were so yummy.