Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 327 photography photography

well i haven't had much time for anything but beer signs and photo sessions. Staining the deck at the lake, and general busy busy harvest time on the farm, has left me little time to do much "art" these days. I have never had this many photo jobs and i am kind of amazed and thrilled! I'm flattered too, people wanna pay ME to take photos? blows my mind :) On that note, i am contemplating a price increase. I have kept my price uber low to build clients, but the amount of time i spend is silly. I probably get paid $1/hour :) Still want to keep it more reasonable than a traditional photographer tho, and pricing is the biggest stress of photography for me. I would do it for free, but i just can't... i think my time is worth a little sumthin sumthin :) And since people are willing to pay me... maybe my talents are worth a little sumthin too?? Why is that so hard to say out loud (or type??) ha!