Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 343 - great gift idea!

ok... so first i got one of these LAPDESK LADY LAPDESKS  for Kenzie when she was heading off to college, she loves it, uses it every day. She loved it so much that i had to splurge and get the jumbo one for myself. I LOVE IT!! Hours of photo editing have now become more of a lounging experience than a sitting at the desk type thing. It is a super comfy cloud on your lap with a flat surface perfect for your laptop or writing, or a book and some snacks...whatever it is you usually do on your lap where you wish you had a flat surface. The quality and the cuteness and the usefulness make it a great Christmas gift idea. Or get one for yourself, just cuz you should :) Visit Donna's shop HERE  ... Oh, and her customer service rocks too!

this is the one i got... cuz it's sassy, and cuz it goes cutely with my green Dell :) (one disclaimer tho... my Chihuahua is not a fan of it, i beleive she is jealous of its nightly placement)