Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 263

This last weekend, i loaded my college Daughter into the car and we drove NORTH NORTH NORTH. She came along for the vacation aspect (bonus for me!), and I took a Glass Fusing class at one of my all-time most beloved places, the Grand Marais Art Colony. I have only attended classes there twice in my life now, but i am already daydreaming of future trips. The Art Colony is fulfilling and encouraging and nurturing in a way i can barely describe. I feel a part of something when I am there. A community of 'artists', not crafters... a creativity melting pot. The history there is rich, the levels and layers of talent are infinite.

I often wonder to myself if i over-romanticize this artistic haven of a place. Are the people who are able to attend it on a regular basis, or the people who live down the street, truly appreciative of what a gem they have at their disposal? I can't imagine they don't absolutely cherish it. The setting of Grand Marais along the shores of Lake Superior ALONE are enough to endear it to me, i adore the north shore and feel inspired & connected to it like no other place i have ever been. But the love i have for the north shore of Lake Superior in no way detracts from the pure & simple fact that the Art Colony is SPECIAL in & of itself. I think part of the explanation for my draw to it is connected to my need to feel like a real and true 'ARTIST'. This need is nurtured by just being there.

I literally dream of classes and studio time there, and although basic geography , time , and funds do not allow it, some dreams are meant to simmer and stew, so we have something to look forward to and to day-dream about. I WILL be back there... never soon enough.