Tuesday, February 17, 2015

that moment you see this for the first time in your 48 years of life...

My father was residing in a shelter of sorts/government housing when he died in 2005. He had little communication with anyone in the family, especially his kids for years. He was an ill & tortured soul, and died alone from complications due to alcoholism. One thing that was clear when cleaning out his "apartment" and later getting a trunk full of the last of his treasured items, was that he loved us.

In a corner in his brothers garage for years, was that trunk filled with memorabilia, trinkets, portraits in the original frames from decades, cards & art work & mail from us,  and amongst the photos were some reel to reel movie films labeled with my name.

All of that being said may explain the emotions. Recently i had one of them converted to dvd. I am nearly speechless really.

 It seems like a dream sequence. And look at how beautiful & young my 21 year old mother is....

I take back the "seems like" ... this is a dream sequence.

There are a couple more film strips to get converted, i anticipate similar emotions when i finally see them.