Wednesday, April 22, 2015

so i joined a club

so, i joined a photography club... weeeee! this is what happened to me at my first meeting. The assignment/contest was "Texture". (next month is silhouette) I loved the sweet little traveling trophy, but my very favorite part is that the room of photogs voted for me. Never doubt it, encouragement is priceless. THANK YOU!!!!
Lemme just say that this club thing is gonna r-o-c-k! Empty nest Momma needs some stuff to call her own. AND get month we listen to a wildlife photographer talk about his methods, the following meeting the humane society is bringing animals, and we are going on field trips (DOOR COUNTY IN THE FALL) and talking about lenses and settings and pretty flowers and birds and faces and lions and tigers and bears OH MY.
ok, sorry... i nerded out there. I love taking pictures (mostly the just for fun kind) and i love learning, so this is gonna be fun.