Wednesday, January 20, 2016

That Tree

The photography club had an AWESOME guest speaker tonight!!
So, you need to look up this book! "That Tree" . I got the book from my mother-inlaw when it first came out, and last night he talked at our photography club meeting. I got it signed now. Super cool & inspiring to hear about his journey, and what led him to his tree project. He is a legit real and professional photographer, but this particular project was with just his phone! And to top it off, he is a SUPER nice guy, very kind.
I have been seriously considering doing a personal photo challenge, and contemplating "what" people might enjoy seeing. But have come to realize i need to choose something that makes ME happy, and something that i will enjoy and then in turn, enjoy sharing. All who know me, know i have a big crush on trees. But, I think the project may be farm related. Not many people live on an 1859 family homestead. I don't know yet... stay tuned ! #everydayisagoodday