Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Have you checked out my photography project?

157 photos taken in a year. A photographic glimpse at the 1859 Bade Family Homestead through the lens of today's Bade farm wife.
For some time I have been contemplating a photography project to challenge myself with my camera and to keep my creative eye in check. I had many thoughts and ideas, and I am glad to say I have stopped pondering and zeroed in on "the Bade Homestead Photo Project" (working title). I thought, I already take so many pictures around the farm, why not set myself up on a personal photographic journey? But what to shoot? I love taking pictures of EVERYTHING, the barn, trees, nature, people, my chihuahua, the cows, etc etc. But then the thought came to me that not many people can say they are the 4th generation to live on an 1859 family homestead. Thus, my idea has evolved, and I will be chronicling the Bade farm in 157 photos within one year. Why 157 you ask? That is how many years it has been in the Bade family. I also thought that Feb. 4th would be a good day to start, as that is the day I officially became a Bade in 1989.
I plan to use both my iPhone and my Canon. No rules, Some days may have multiple shots, I will edit some, put some up raw, and likely do some other fun things with them. I will primarily be posting them on Instagram and linking them to this Facebook page where i can interact more.
Thanks for looking in and maybe even following along here on Facebook and/or:
Remember this: (a quote from Mark Hirsch via his dad),
"Every day is a good day!"
side note: I got some extra encouragement and big time inspiration from a recent photography club guest speaker. Mark Hirsch, MN photog extraordinaire, and author of the wonderful book That Tree ... I found his story and journey to be incredibly interesting to listen to. I was so inspired, not only by his skill, but by his kindness. He is just a genuinely encouraging and nice man. Thanks so much Mark!