Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday kitchen adventure

So Friday Mackenzie and I went to Beauty and the Beast (ahhhhhhhmaazing-LOVED it) and we did a bit of shopping afterwards. Kenz mentioned that she had been so hungry for French macarons lately - random. Sooo, she gets a pack of them from homegoods and they are a huge disappointment . Soooo after I dropped them off at the Pub Putt I decided to Google and YouTube the fussy little cookies. This is my result.... I have to say, they were a bit particular, they are not really so hard to make! And woah the home made ones blow away the dried up store versions. SO YUMMY. These are fresh raspberry lemon almond . I will most definitely make these again and try some of the millions of flavor possibilities . I'm excited to surprise Kenzie with them when she gets home. Now I will put my feet up for a while while I wait for my sober cab call :)