Tuesday, April 25, 2017

To sell or not to sell

Don't get me wrong, i want to share my art!! I love sharing it! I just haven't found the outlet that feels quite right yet. I do sell on Etsy, but i am unable to create high quality prints on my own, so it's a good way to sell originals. I started a Society6 site, and this has great quality print-on-demand options, and offers many more things beyond just "prints"... BUT, the big butt is... i make a very very minimal cut of the price. I mean like less than 10% on prints, and as small as 50 cents for a full set of greeting cards, $1 on phone cases... etc etc, you get it.  This seems uncomfortable to me. It feels like I am giving Society6 all the profits, but i have to remind myself that this way i do not have to invest in the printer. They do all of the shipping, as well as they handle all the money & production & shipping etc. Trade-offs i guess huh? I have to look at it also as an outlet to get my art out into the universe and off of the computer screens of social media. Most of us are becoming pretty content at just cyber-gazing and not owning anymore. I am guilty of it too. It's blatantly evident by the size of my pinterest account and the new flagging of Instagram posts (love)

Anyway, if you are still reading... thanks for tolerating my rant. Ahhh artist problems :)

Life is so damn good, and art is like the sprinkles on this cupcake of life. i love sprinkles.