Friday, April 13, 2018

Change of plans

So after much contemplation and hesitation, me and my bestie set out on the road to see MercyMe tonight. We had nosebleed tickets but were ready to get our Praise on! Well, we got as far as Eden Prairie and the rain was already turning to ice and it was still early, we were giggling at how this was possibly a poor life choice and nervous about our hour drive home and what the weather might progress to at that late hour. We made the decision to turn around before we got ourselves into the throws of rush hour. We would stop somewhere fun for dinner and just get home. We pulled into Buca since neither of us had been there in years. After mentioning to Gail how much the photo on the wall looks like my Dad's mom, Grandma Marcella Miceli, we smiled because maybe an ITALIAN restaurant was not a completely accidental choice. Great talks as always, giggles, and stories (although it felt like we were cheating on Betsy)  Before hitting the road I went to the little gals room and Gail struck up a conversation with a man in the waiting area by the door. I hope that man and his wife enjoy our tickets tonight, and I hope they needed a little Jesus time.

Tonight was not as planned, but it was so fun and felt complete. As the thunder rolls and the spring storm comes, we are home safe and smiling. Thanks Gail, tonight just felt special, even tho it didn't go as we had planned. 

Miss you Dad. Seeing MercyMe on this Friday the 13th on the 13th anniversary of your flight home, felt pretty meant to be. I, for sure, would have cried when one of your very favorite songs played... your funeral song no less. But instead, I can only imagine that you are giggling that we chickened out and didn't keep driving. I'm also sure you would be thankful we got home safe. I know your home safe too.