Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bound to happen...

It was inevitable that it would happen eventually, but i feel terrible!! One of my shipments disappeared in the mail before it got to it's recipient in Canada! UGH! I feel horrible, and i hate that shipping mishaps could be a reflection on me. I filled out all the 'claims' paperwork and sent it from the USPS... but alas... it has not yet arrived 2 weeks later. I will forever, from now on, be getting a return receipt & tracking number each & every time. I am still holding out hope that the mail is just slow, and that i will hear eventually that the package arrived & the customer is happy with the contents. In the mean time.... i have a little tummy ache about it. :(

**UPDATE** The shipment showed up! there was a mix up with the customer, who had moved & couldn't get in touch with the room mates or something... in the end, the painting showed up safe & sound! YIPPEE