Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 211 - Dreamin'

Remember that scene where Beast has Belle close her eyes and he leads her into a room and when she opens her eyes, BEHOLD.... he has gifted her a library. I always dreamed of that moment. A library would be amazing...i love love love walls of books and can picture a cushy chair and a lamp table near a fireplace on one end of the room. YESSSSS! don't wake me now!
But another big time dream of mine is to have Beast... i mean, building my own Backyard Studio Cottage facing the grove of trees, bird feeders all around.. I mean i dream of it all the time. It would have running water & an old fashioned white kitchen sink in a recycled white antique cabinet hiding a mini frig. It would have washed out yellow walls and shutters. An Adirondack chair or 2 in pale mossy green sitting on the front porch. Inside would be a work desk in front of a wall of book shelves and organizer bins with metal labels & blue mason jars with paint brushes and buttons, and fabric scraps. A place for my computer and space to spread out my projects, apart from the house. On one side would be a comfy cushy floral loveseat with yellow & baby blue pillows with a reading lamp on a cute little round table next to it. A TV mounted high so i could watch movies from wherever i sit inside, and hidden speakers to listen to James Taylor, Chris Tomlin, and John Denver. On the white trimmed windows, there would be pale yellow and powder blue toille curtains.  An old fashioned Light fixture from someones grandma's house hanging from the ceiling. A little fireplace heater for winter, and an inconspicuous a.c. for the summer. Daisy snuggled up on the loveseat watching me paint and waiting for me to settle into the spot next to her. Then after a day of creating... wandering into the house to cook some supper for my farmboy.... ahhhhhh! You get the idea.

Beast??? where are you?  :)