Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today... the very day that my dear sweet Grandmother flew to heaven (and only days from when we lost Kenny's dad), is now the day we sign the papers on our farm. PAID IN FULL! I am so proud of my husband, i could cry. Oh, well whatta ya know, there goes the tears now.

Hard work, responsibility, and love of the land under his feet... pays off. It's always been "home", but we can call it 'ours', in every way today. We are the 3rd generation to live in the house, his grandparents built it, he grew up in it, his daughter had his childhood bedroom to call her own... and we will grow old there. I dreamed of these kind of roots as a child, and here i am. Here we are, providing those roots for our daughter.

I am blessed beyond words. All praise and glory be to God. And thank you dear Lord for this husband of mine, for our home, and for bringing me to this place of contentment and joy in my life.