Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas project

somewhere along the line, i ended up with a box of Emma Bade's silverware. Emma Bade is Kenny's grandmother... we live in the home she  and Albert built on the family farm, the farm that has been in the Bade family since 1859.  I have wanted to do something special with the silverware, beyond keeping it to myself and/or using it. So i came upon this idea, of painting a folk art scene of the Bade Barn on the Emma and Allie spoons, and then decorating them up cute for each of Kenny's siblings & one for each of their kids to have as a keepsake. Along with the spoons, i decorated a photo of the farm that i took and then embellished it with the Lutheran table prayer, in English and German.
I love that my daughter and her cousins all have a heartwarming sense of their heritage and ties to this farm, they are genuinely proud of it. Getting photos from the kids, of this gift hanging in their homes... it doesn't get any better than that.