Friday, January 2, 2015

Say it now - it's not that hard

Last night I watched a show on PBS about Robin Williams and it reminded me of a totally do-able New Years resolution idea ... Rather a wish. I wish for people to say wonderful things about each other BEFORE they are gone, not after. Not only in Robin's horrible instance, but in every instance, on any given day, for any random reason.

I remember one day i was in a store, i think it was Michael's, and a young girl who worked there said to me, "You have the coolest hair". WHAT? Most days i completely loathe what my hair looks like. I enjoy having it, I know i am blessed it exists. But it's 'cool'? NO WAY! I still smile when i think of how random and how nice that was to hear. Not my hair? No way! *smile*

What if you told one person, in some way, how awesome you think they are or how sweet something they did was? Come on! Don't wait, don't just THINK it, say it out loud. Better yet, get the message to the person's eyes to see or their ears to hear! Now, while we are still here... cuz I am not entirely confident in the ability to read facebook status' or that twitter coverage in heaven exists. Truly we have no idea what an impact compliments, positive thoughts or seemingly small encouragements could make on a persons heart, or in the very least make them smile. Make their day?  It's my mission. Especially this new year.

So, happy 2015 *smile* May it be as awesome as you are. (and that, you are)